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The 2005 Annual reports on the CFSP by FORNET partners available for downloading.

The 2004 Annual reports on the CFSP by FORNET partners available for downloading.

The first annual reports on CFSP by FORNET partners from all of the EU's member states and candidate countries are also available.

The first edition of national reports presents official positions (i.e. government, political parties, and intermediate groups) and academic contributions on national developments on CFSP in EU current member states and acceding/candidate countries. Each of them contains basic views of CFSP/ESDP; it describes each country’s foreign policy priorities as well as national perceptions and positions with regard to CFSP/ESDP issues. The main focus of the 2003 reports is the European Convention and the draft of the constitutional treaty: they scrutinise national priorities with regard to reform of EU external relations and CFSP/ESDP. The reports also give an overview of activities in CFSP-related research and contain useful links to experts and institutions specialised in foreign and security matters.

A list of documents related to the CFSP will also soon be available here.

The European Foreign Policy Database

The European Foreign Policy Database contains details of national foreign policy documents from the 25 European Union member states, divided into three sections:

(i) White Papers and Annual Reports

(ii) Major Speeches and Declarations

(iii) Other Major Official Documents

It is available as a PDF document to download here.

To search for documents on more comprehensive databases, use the European University Institute's European Foreign Policy Bulletin online - or the Council of the European Union's CFSP site.

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