CFSP Working Group on CFSP and Enlargement

FORNET partner responsible: Trans European Policy Studies Association (TEPSA).

European Union enlargement has become a major area for investigation in recent years. The 2004 accession of the new member states requires deeper analysis and research on the impact and consequences for CFSP in institutional as well as in policy terms. The efficiency of the CFSP system was a major topic for the working group, but so was the new role of an enlarged EU in the world, especially in its geographical neighbourhood. This working group tried to give answers to these questions and to trigger off a broader public debate about the foreign policy of a new and 'greater' EU.

The first working group meeting was held in Vienna, 21-22 March 2003.

The second FORNET Working Group in this field took place on 21 April 2005 at the Salle Bibliothèque, Fondation Universitaire, rue d'Egmont, Brussels.

The meeting was divided into three sessions looking at:

  • Impact of Enlargement on the CFSP: The First Year
  • The CFSP and South-East Europe
  • New Neighbourhood Policy

These issues were addressed by a number of leading experts from around the EU, including Poland, Slovenia, Bulgaria and Turkey.

Full details of the programme can be downloaded here [PDF file]

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