FORNET Working Group on the Evolution of ESDP

FORNET partner responsible: University of Cologne, Jean Monnet Chair for Political Sciences.

The evolution of the European Security and Defence Policy (ESDP) can be regarded as a unique and dramatic development: a fresh dynamic has been set in motion which will enable the EU to implement military operations on the basis of the Petersberg tasks. This requires discussion about the future international role of the Union and its transatlantic implications. Relations with NATO and the WEU will be of high relevance and interest over the coming years. Furthermore, new structures and bodies have been created which must be integrated into the existing institutional set-up of the CFSP. The working group analysed these new institutional structures, and the various forms of inner groups which have emerged.

The second meeting was held on the 19 November 2004 in Stockholm. The following papers are available for downloading [PDF files]:

Details on the subject of the workshop and conference details

The guiding questions for each session

A list of participants

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